Olive Shade Higher Education Consulting, LLC offers a wide variety of services to support your academic outreach to the high schools. In addition to the thematic services below, Olive Shade offers support in research, concurrent / dual enrollment policy analysis, and strategic planning.

Concurrent / Dual Enrollment

Start your own program
Set a professional program with a twenty-year professional in concurrent enrollment. We will lead and teach your staff to apply national best practices, create materials, and work with your registrar and bursar on the technical details too.

Develop an existing program
Take your program to the next level, whether that is growing your program or having it support your university mission better.

National Accreditation
Looking to get NACEP accredited? We can help, we have the experience and can serve in many roles to include advisor, support staff, or project manager.

Online Dual Enrollment
The next wave of concurrent / dual enrollment is going digital. But that is still different from offering online classes.

Prison Youth
Concurrent / Dual Enrollment has a tremendous impact on all students, but young adults in prison are often forgotten in the conversation. Your programs can help break a bad cycle and support a second chance.

On-Campus Dual Enrollment
While offering college courses at the high school is the most sustainable model, you can provide opportunities for high school students on your campus too, we can show you how.

Summer Programs

Student Programs

Day Programs
Offer day-programs over the summer for targeted enrichment. Fun, hands-on, faculty led, these programs excite students and introduce them to a major and your campus in a low-rick environment.

Residential Programs
Residential programs require increased oversight, staffing, and purpose. We can lay out a strategy that works for your needs.

Bridge Programs
These are student summer programs with the purpose of engaging student interest and easing students into college and/or a college major. Both in a day program or residential format, the purpose is support students into college and/or a major.

Instructor Programs

Summer Institutes
High school faculty are eager to engage in discipline-specific summer programs where they can return to their academic passions and refresh their skills. This is an excellent opportunity to build connections between institutions and a great tool for research professors to deliver their grant’s “broader impacts”.

Discipline-Specific Education Courses
Summer time is the best time for taking undergraduate and graduate classes that support tenure, promotion, and certification to teach a concurrent / dual enrollment course at their high school. Offer the tools that support your secondary colleagues.

Certificate Programs
Certificate programs allow instructors and other working-professionals the opportunity to engage in interests as well as climb the career ladder. From master beekeeper certificates, to EMT courses, to appraisers’ licenses, to state principal certificates – make your college an active space in the summer.

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Persistence of Women in STEM Majors

Consulting & Quantitative Research
Did you know that girls in high school are active STEM students and often outnumber boys in advanced STEM classes? Let’s run the numbers at your institution and discuss ways of retaining these STEM students when they come to your college.

Focus Group & Qualitative Research
Want to learn about the environment of women in STEM at your college / university? An outside investigator offers female faculty and students a safe place for a climate check. We run surveys, organize focus groups, and make recommendations based on your community’s feedback and national best practices and research.

Strategic Planning
We can take the lead and plan for retaining and growing women in STEM at your college. This includes building teams of faculty and staff to develop action plans, organizing learning communities, recruiting student leaders at your college, and implementing best practices.

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Leaders need to lead – show your investment in the community and reap the rewards.