Brian A. Boecherer, Ph.D.

Since 2005, I have been an administrator and leader in the higher education community and a national figure in concurrent / dual enrollment. My personal mission is to help increase educational opportunities for high school students, improve student access to college, and increase student aspirations and equity.

The programs I support have the ability to change a student’s life, and a college’s connection to students.

In 2017 I earned a Ph.D. (UConn) in political science (public law and comparative politics) with a focus on political trust and the law’s ability to both include and exclude people from belonging.

What’s in the name?

Olive Shade Higher Education Consulting

The Greek philosopher Plato started the first academy of higher education circa 387 BC, not in a grandiose building, but under the protective shade of the olive tree. In this olive shade, Plato not only taught his students about what was known, he challenged them to develop a new understanding of the universe and search for the unknown. If we want to cultivate an ideal world to live in, we must build it.


Supporting institutions of learning to build a better society by increasing access to, and preparation for, higher education.


Olive Shade Higher Education Consulting, LLC seeks to deepen and widen the academic opportunities available in higher education to students in high school, benefiting both students and colleges. 

With Olive Shade you are working with a professional who has years of leadership experience in higher education administration, with a focus on academic outreach and access. The complement to progressive high school outreach and access for a university is improved retention and graduation rates. Having spent over 20 years leading early college programs at a top-20 public university, I am certain I can advance your university’s strategic plans.

I am proud to have set a vision and led teams that have transformed the culture of education in Connecticut, by making concurrent / dual enrollment an expectation in the high schools. I have also developed recognized pre-college student programs and summer institutes for high school instructors. For over 15-years I have served on development committees to include leadership on the advancement of first generation, low-income, minority, and foster students in higher education; developing university initiatives for students to achieve a Degree in Three (years), Degree in Four (years); retention of women in STEM,and other undergraduate-to-graduation success programs.

Consultant Philosophy & Biography

My personal mission is to support all universities and colleges to make positive community change through academic outreach. This is a process of my listening to your needs, presenting you with strategies and solutions to increase your academic outreach and student impact, and implementing them together as a team.  With Olive Shade you are hiring a professional to help set a vision for your unique circumstances and someone who will set-up a program, train your team, and let you achieve long-term success. 

Additional Roles & Memberships

Concurrent Enrollment Review (CER)
Editor and Chief
The first academic journal focused on concurrent enrollment as a sustainable mode of education for universities, colleges, and high schools.

National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP)
Individual Member
NACEP is the only national accreditation body for concurrent enrollment programs. Since 2005 Brian Boecherer has been an active member through the University of Connecticut and currently as an individual member.

New England Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NEACEP)
Member-at-Large, Connecticut
Since 2015, Brian Boecherer has been an active member of the New England Chapter of NACEP and the Connecticut Member-at-Large.


Unsung Hero Award, 2020
University of Connecticut Annual Staff Awards, for one staff member who consistently goes above and beyond their role for the benefit and advancement of their colleagues, students, and the mission of the University.

First Year Experience Excellence in Teaching Award, 2009-2010
University of Connecticut, First Year Programs, for teaching “Political Palm Reading: Identity, Nationalism, and Citizenship”

Governor’s Citation for Excellence, 2005
State of Connecticut, for UConn Early College Experience’s influence on the State on it 50th Anniversary, Governor Jody Rell.

Provost’s Award for Community Outreach, 2013
Awarded to the Office of Early College Programs, University of Connecticut for their impact on the communities of Connecticut.

Coordinator of the Year, 2010-2011
Department of Recreation Outreach Award, University of ConnecticutLeading student outdoor adventure trips in whitewater kayaking, winter mountaineering, ice climbing, cross country skiing, and backpacking.

Leaders need to lead – show your investment in the community and reap the rewards.