Persistence of Women in STEM Majors

Young Women are leaders in high school STEM

What happens between high school and college, where young women are active in STEM before college, and then become a minority in STEM once in college? Having worked on this issue for over a decade and using both research and national best practices, Olive Shade can help you with a strategic plan to address this issue.

Benefits of Women in STEM

Diversity in STEM is essential for addressing the diversity of issues that affect our society. In addition to the practicality of helping to solve global problems, a university/college benefits from an increased rate of women with STEM majors because the industry is looking for more women in STEM.

The issue of increasing the number of women in STEM can be bulleted to include the following points.

  • Enhance Women’s Economic Security – The typical STEM employee earns 66% more than other employees, but most 70% of STEM professionals are men. *
  • Solve Diverse Problems – A diversity of work expertise and lived experiences increases the likelihood of solving problems. *
  • Develop the Economy – The disruption/innovation link is clear, and the more diverse our inventors and STEM leaders are, the larger the economic pie grows. * *

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Resources & Videos

Women in STEM Overview (Media) Coming Soon!

The STEM Gap: Women & Girls in STEM – AAUW

Research on Women in STEM Majors (PDF) Coming Soon!

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